Technological integration platform

Pier is the net that integrates all of our business units, clients and Conductor partners. Constantly evolving, it already responds more than 1 billion requests per month in merely 3 years of operation. High performance with high availability, 100% cloudbased, with more than 500 endpoints in production.



From a necessity
to an industry case

Heimdall was born from an internal necessity of upgrading the API orchestration solution in our technological integration platform, Pier. After considering every product in the market, we decided to make our own. It not only has to cope with our internal demands, including more than R$ 25 billion processed annually through the orchestrator, but it also needs to be adaptable and editable, for any necessity of any application, for it the solution is Open Source, completely transparent, customizable and accessible to anyone.
That’s how Heimdall was born, a present from us to the community.

The technology podcast that never gets outdated

VAT60 is Conductor’s podcast in which we tackle advanced technological subjects including processes, techniques, tools, languages, etc...

With some of the biggest names of the industry, we discuss about difficulties, learnt lessons and finally, some success stories. Diving deeply in subjects often ignored in other technology oriented podcasts, looking to provide quality content for the industry’s professionals with no fear to lose some listeners amongst the complex subjects.