When it comes to technology, the ends determine the means.

In order to move society forward, change agents are essential. Conductor understands its role to empower these agents – our clients – as well as promote progress in the sector as a whole, so that all parts play their role and continuously improve.

Such valuable end assumes that the best means should be built in order to develop our industry. In this context, technology is crucial – but not just any technology.

Reliability, scalability, robustness, availability, security and continuous improvement are just some of the important characteristics. However, they don’t bring a competitive edge. The aspect that can actually change the rules of the game is giving freedom so that innovation is able to emerge.

The more companies, brilliant minds, resources, and energy are aligned when building solutions to solve end customers’ real problems, the stronger we will all be as a means of payment company, thus moving us closer to our purpose.

That’s why Conductor:

  • Has developed a fully open platform with a documented API library that is ready to be used within a production and non-production environment. It allows developing new products and custom solutions based on creativity and each customer’s needs.
  • Has enhanced continuously its technology stack so that it supports several languages, distribution, scalability and resilience as well as is referred by major companies in the sector and respected by the software community.
  • While complying with strict governance standards concerning development, seeks to achieve a high-paced process by adopting agile methodologies, continuous deployment and teams divided into squads.
  • In partnership with universities, has implemented and continuously developed laboratories for research, innovation and talent development, responsible for building solutions with high added value, such as Heimdall and Cronos.
First processor in Brazil awarded with the PCI's certificate (2007)

Technology Platforms developed by Conductor

Solution for integrating Conductor business units, partners, and customers; 100% in the cloud.
Solution for managing APIs with open-source, using layers of gateways and/or middleware.
Solution for fraud prevention based on IA and machine learning and developed in our research lab at UFPB.
Conductor’s new authorizer based on machine learning and developed in layers; totally modular and self-scalable.
White label mobile and web application for managing Conductor’s card issuers.
Self-service totem for private label cardholders of Conductor’s issuers.

Alguns números de nossa atuação



API requests on Pier in May 2019


peak of authorizations in production


in production for integration via APIs with our platform


UFPB, IESP, Unifacisa, UNIPE. Focus on innovation and talent development


Want to build the means to boost your businesses and move society forward?

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