Privacy policy

The following sections of this Privacy Policy describe how Conductor manages personal data handling for users accessing our website.

The Policy aims to inform users on the types of collected data, reasons for collecting it and ways the user is able to update, manage and delete that information.

This Private Policy is developed in compliance with Federal Act 12.965 of April 23rd 2014 (“Marco Civil da Internet”) and Federal Act 13.709 of April 14th 2018 (“Lei de Proteção de Dados Pessoais”).

The user’s personal data is collected by the website in order streamline and meet the commitments established with the user and ensure that requests made through filled out forms are met.

In addition, personal data may be used for commercial purposes in order to customize the content the customer is provided with as well support the website when improving service quality and execution.  

1.Website Responsibilities

The website is committed to comply with regulations in effect, while following the principles below:

1.1. The user’s personal data will be lawfully, fairly and transparently processed (Lawfulness, Fairness and Transparency);

1.2. The user’s personal data will be collected only for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes, and may not be handled subsequently for purposes unfitting the ones mentioned above (Purpose Limitation);

1.3. The user’s personal data will be collected appropriately, in accordance with and limited to the needs concerning the goal which they are processed for (Data Minimization);

1.4. The user’s personal data will be accurate and updated whenever it is necessary, so that inaccurate data are erased and rectified as soon as possible (Accuracy);

1.5. The user’s personal data will be retained so that it allows identifying data subjects only during the period required for the purposes of this data handling (Storage Limitation);

1.6. The user’s personal data will be handled safely, protected from unlawful or unauthorized handling in order to prevent its loss, removal or accidental damage, by adopting technical or organizational measures (Integrity and Confidentiality).


2.User rights

The website user has the following rights:

2.1. The right to receive a confirmation from the website whether their personal data are a handling object; and if so, the right to access their personal data;

2.2. The right to have their inaccurate, relevant data rectified by the website, without unjustified delays;

2.3. The right to have their data erased from the website;

2.4. The right to limit the handling of their personal data;

2.5. The right to oppose to the handling of their relevant personal data anytime for reasons related to their specific situation as well as oppose to usage their personal data in order to create marketing profiles (Profiling);

2.6. The right to receive their relevant personal data that have been provided to the website in structured format, recurrent use and automatic reading;

2.7. The right to transfer their data to a different website;

2.8. The right to opt-out any decision made exclusively according to automated handling.

The user may exercise their rights through written communication sent to the email address, including the subject, personal data and email address for reply.

It is Conductor’s responsibility to inform the user in case of rectifying or removing their data according to each situation.



The user is not allowed to provide third parties with data when using the website.


4.Data Collection

The user acknowledges the fact that certain website capabilities require registry, which will be collected and stored.
In compliance with the terms on article 15, caput and clauses, Federal Act 12.965/2014 (“Marco Civil da Internet”), user access logging will be collected and stored for at least six months.

5.Privacy Policy Acceptance

When using the website services, the user gives their explicit consent with this Private Policy.
The user has the right to withdraw their consent at any time, while also not compromising the lawful handling of their personal data before withdrawing it.
In case the user is underage or unable to exercise their rights, the consent will operate upon assistance from a responsible party.
The user accepts that personal data may be collected in order to run and comply with the services hired by the user on the website.


6.Personal Data Retention Period

The user’s personal data will be retained for up to three years, except if the user requests their data suppression before the end of this period.

The user’s personal data may be retained after finishing their handling only in order to comply with a legal order.


6.On Data Handling

The controller, the party responsible for handling the user’s personal data, is Conductor Tecnologia S.A. Represented by legal representatives, the company is responsible for handling and protecting data.

Sharing the user’s collected data with third parties is not allowed.


7.Security in Data Handling

Conductor is committed to apply the available technical measures that are able to protect personal data from unauthorized access and circumstances involving data removal, loss, change, communication, and diffusion.

However, Conductor is not responsible for a third party’s exclusive guilt, such as in the event of hackers or crackers, or for the user’s exclusive guilt, such as in the event of data transfers to a third party by the user themselves.

Conductor holds responsibility for timely informing the user in case there is any security violation involving their personal data which may cause the user to face high risk to their personal freedoms and rights.

The user’s personal data are handled with strict confidentiality within the restraints imposed by the law in effect.


8.On Changes

Conductor reserves the right to change this Private Policy at any time, specially in order to adjust it to the advances on the website, whether by making available new capabilities or by suppressing or changing existing ones.

The user will be explicitly notified in event of changes in this Policy.

By using the service after eventual changes, the user shows their agreement with the new rules.

In case you disagree with any change, you must immediately send a request to have your account cancelled and present your reservation to customer service if it is your desire to do so.


10.On Applicable Rights and Jurisdiction

The Brazilian Law will be applied in its entirety in order to solve controversies that may incur from this instrument.

Eventual litigation must be presented to the jurisdiction of courts of Barueri, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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