Financial sector

We transform along with the financial sector

The financial sector is not one-faced. It consists of companies in many different models, focuses, and structures. However, these companies combined share the important role of driving businesses and boosting the economy.

It is a sector that transforms the world, but also revolutionizes itself, especially on its interface with the real economy: means of payment.

Such interactions enable needs to be met, companies to be operated, dreams to come true, and life to leap forward.

New technologies and regulations, keen competition, and changes of habits: There are many factors providing customers with more options every day, and helping make payments more and more invisible and fluid. Still, there is a long way to go.

And it is not only the act of payment; opening an account or line of credit, blocking or unblocking, sending a travel notice, controlling transactions, presenting contested amounts, preventing frauds, billing, and so on. The way we understand it, the payment is simply a moment that repeats itself based on a relationship that starts way before that and goes a long way.

That’s why Conductor transforms every day along with the industry so that it is able to contribute even more to its progress by providing the required technology, expected robustness and desired flexibility. Also, it does so in order to provide the financial sector with the means to fulfill its purpose and calling: moving society forward.

Major Banks

Mid-sized banks and financial institutions

Digital banks

IPs and fintechs

Credit card networks

Benefits and partnerships

  • Expertise for a consistent and well-implemented regulatory system
  • Control and settlement using the whole network
  • Well-structured APIs enabling fast-paced innovation
  • High availability
  • Secure basis for building your business


Want to build the means to boost your businesses and move society forward?

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