Tailored for large scale operations

Large-scale processing and correlated services, 100% customizable and in modular form. We define rules that are specific to your business and build a team that is specialized and dedicated to serving you.

It’s perfect for businesses demanding a personalized solution with freedom to enhance it according to specific aspects of your operating model and internal systems.

Set up to handle any kind of means of payment and e-accounts, Conductor Enterprise is the unit where we work with leaders in retail as well as major banks and key financial institutions in the market.

It is developed for issuers who already have great structure and experience in financial operations and need a partner company to expand their businesses.

Service characteristics

Dedicated Team

Tailored operation

End-to-end service: From credit analysis to invoice delivery

Large volumes

Modular format

Services delivery: On-site or remote, isolated or integrated

Infrastructure in the cloud or server

Types of means of payment

  • Credit
  • Debit
  • Benefits
  • Private Label
  • Multi-purpose card
  • Brands: Visa, MasterCard, Elo and others


Want to build the means to boost your businesses and move society forward?

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