A bank with your brand!

Based on the card processing framework from a variety of different labels, we’ve created a full Banking as a Service platform.


Prepaid cards and digital bill payment modules are in conjunct, the user’s interface with real economy

API layer

The API layer, 100% modular and active, allows clients to offer products and financial services – domestic and third party – to their user base/costumers. These are the modules that deliver the bank “experience”.

Aplicação White-label

Empacotamos tudo em um aplicativo White-label, com a sua marca, os seus produtos e o seu look & feel para os seus clientes.

We take care of everything

In order for you to have your own bank with your brand and your offers. Fully modular, ready to go, no strings attached.

  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Product
  • Licenses
  • Legislation
  • Cloud based